Short Stories

Hommus, a gentle Greenthumb, won’t stand to have murderers lurking about his peaceful colony. The novelty of the seasonal sciences brings change to their culture and a shift in power along with it. One race threatens dominance over all others. He’ll soon discover what power is, and the cost that comes with it.

Temper is a controllable trait, but tangible consequences no longer have any effect on the inhabitants of this world. Man puts itself above insignificance.
A story of magic and wonder. A story of a boy’s first love. But most of all, a story to overcome despair.

Moritus, a one-of-a-kind orphan, cannot find passion in his world of decay. His kind are tainted with a villainous stereotype. He idolizes the Greenthumbs and their fruitful nature. One Greenthumb in particular shares no sympathy for Moritus and treats him as he is supposed to be treated—a villain. How will Moritus overcome the undeserving scrutiny bestowed upon him?

And there’s a screaming goat.
and the Wood Giants

A tale of insecurity, growth, and acceptance. And a little bit of magic, too.

Moritus has been shunned long enough for his race and appearance and is on the run to escape a doomed culture. In search of a reason to live, Moritus struggles to find good use for the rotten talent he’s plagued with.