Who Dat Is?


Jonathan Michael was born in 1983 in the suburbs of the greater Seattle area. He didn’t pick up Brian Jacques’ Redwall as a youth and magically blossom his passion for storytelling into a colorful array of prismatic words. The fantastical belongs on the pages, unfortunately. Looking back on it, the inception of the idea to write began with Redwall, but he hadn’t recognized it. He only knew that he enjoyed disappearing into the realm of Matthias and Redwall Abbey. Even after reading several stories about assassins seeking retribution, youthful wizards budding into magical prophecies, and allomancers rebelling the immortal, he struggled to realize writing was a possibility for him.

It wasn’t until after his twins were born that he realized it was time to recognize and follow his passions. For if he didn’t, what kind of father would he be? Something about that catalyst drove him to not only discover his passion, but to not let it out of his grasp. Seven years later he self-published his first novel, Season of Sacrifice. And with this accomplishment, it fuels his passion and perseverance to constantly learn, write and deliver the unimaginable.


Where does anyone get their inspiration for the fantastical? For Jonathan J Michael, it comes from within the molecules of a cloud building up so much energy they burst into a bolt of ionized plasma, emitting photons that light up the night sky; it comes from the tidal lock the Earth has on the moon; it comes from the peregrine falcon being able to dive at speeds of 200+ miles per hour to kill its prey; it comes from the illustrious tardigrade outperforming all other known life; it comes from the change of the seasons and all the flora and fauna encapsulated within these unstoppable forces. Jonathan J Michael is fascinated by the natural phenomenon of the planet, the never ending exploration of the quantum realm, and the misunderstood faith that can bind it all together—that which is real, but will forever feel magical.

Inspiring Quotes

“It’s not magic, it’s science.”

Bill Nye

“I’m just ’bout that action, boss.”

Marshawn Lynch