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Season of Sacrifice available on Amazon 3/20/21.

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Lahyf: the ability to heal

Hiberneyt: the skill of dormancy

Sprhowts: the gift of growth

Dihkai: the power of death

In a world ruled by decay, what chance does life stand?

For four seasons, I’ve been trapped by my brother Stone’s stringent rules. He’s convinced the Taoiseach still hunts us for killing our parents—his trusted advisors. I disagree. Why would the most powerful man in Azure care about some missing orphans? And even if he does, I possess the touch of death. Let him try. ~  Jaymes McLarin

I will do anything to protect Jaymes from the Taoiseach. She argues he doesn’t still hunt us, but I know she’s wrong. Our parents were his most trusted advisors, and he believes we murdered them. My healing talent is weak. I can’t protect Jay if she runs into battle. The Broken Forest is dangerous, but it’s far better than our fate in the Taoiseach’s hands.  ~  Stone McLarin

I’m the son of Azure’s greatest general. I should be a revered soldier, not babysitting the fugitive McLarins. Renown waits for me to journey forth and claim it. There’s just one problem. The Taoiseach. ~  Goose Greyson

The Taoiseach rules Azure with an iron fist and unending ire. Forced back into society by a near-fatal injury, these three fugitives quickly learn he has not forgotten them and will stop at nothing to see them destroyed. An assassination may be their only path to freedom, but killing the most powerful man in Azure will test their survival to its limit. Jaymes, Stone, and Goose are about to uncover the lies Azure is built upon and how much the Taoiseach will sacrifice to hide the truth.

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Jonathan J Michael

My name is Jonathan J Michael, author of Season of Sacrifice, part one of the Blood of Azure series. I’m currently running solo in the realm of self-publishing, but am actively working on part two, with hopes to post inspirations behind the world of Azure and maybe some sneak peeks into part two.

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Season of Suffering – Book Update

Writing part time and trying to balance a full time job, a family, personal health, etc. is nothing new to the creative world and I’m just one of many who do this. But even with all the challenges of time, I am making good progress on the second book in the Blood of Azure series. […]

The Oddballs of Fantasy

Jonathan J Michael here, hoping to enthrall the world with magical insights and wisdom. Don’t know where that load of nonsense just came from, but if this post inspires at least one individual to be creative, or simply brings back fond memories from some dated films, then it’s successful. If you write, you might understand […]

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